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Studies on demographic change show there is an increase worldwide in the population aged over 60.

In Italy in particular life expectancy is constantly increasing.

This is becoming a considerably important social issue for public services and concrete solutions must be provided in the near future to the rising demand for social care services and facilities.

LISA represents an “inclusive design“ project composed of modular elements that have been specifically designed to enhance the comfort of older people. Improved ergonomics combined with technical aids enable discreet outside support to be provided.

Social aspects

For many older people, organising their own time and meeting up with friends and acquaintances is a crucial part of independent living.

The LISA System enables contact to be made via a TV set thanks to easy-to-use technology running in the background. This smart television allows information to be exchanged, meetings and appointments to be organised and video telephone calls to be made with desired contacts (friends, relatives, doctor, social care facility,...).

Project LISA

Lisa furniture not only addresses requirements in terms of ergonomics and assistance technology, it also combines natural materials such as wood and felt with high quality design. All furniture is modular and therefore adaptable to the resident’s individual and changing needs.

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Project partners

The project team partners are local businesses offering a wide range of different competencies. This has enabled the topic to be approached in a holistic way that will address all aspects of social life in the future.

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Stay in contact with your loved ones by using the LISA app and Smart TV. User friendly design even allows technology newbies to enjoy the service to the fullest.

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